Jumper Wires Male to Male(40 wires)





A jump wire (also known as jumper, jumper wire, jumper cable, DuPont wire, or DuPont cable – named for one manufacturer of them) is an electrical wire or group of them in a cable with a connector or pin at each end (or sometimes without them – simply “tinned”), which is normally used to interconnect the components of a breadboard or other prototype or test circuit, internally or with other equipment or components, without soldering. Individual jump wires are fitted by inserting their “end connectors” into the slots provided in a breadboard, the header connector of a circuit board, or a piece of test equipment.


  1. 100% brand new and high quality Multicolored 40-pin Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cables.
  2. Include one 40-pin male to male jumper wires.
  3. The cables can be separated to form an assembly containing the number of wires you require for your connection and to support non-standard odd-spaced headers.
  4. Portable design, easy and safe to use.


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