Shipping and Delivery

ZurNain eMart provides shipping facilities worldwide. The following terms and conditions apply:

Shipping Locations

ZurNain eMart ships orders worldwide with only a few exceptions. ZurNain eMart has shipped to the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

Shipping Method

Regular international shipments are conducted through Standard Mail & Shipping Service. International logistics or courier services will be used for fast international shipments.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges apply according to the shipping method, product volumetric weight, and destination location. Shipping charges on your order will be calculated at checkout while placing an order.

Shipping Time

International shipping time varies according to product availability, quantity ordered, processing time, and the shipping method being used. The estimated shipping time for your order is written in the product descriptions.

Note: Shipping may be delayed due to processing at customs authorities.

Handling Time

After order confirmation, all products for international orders are collected and verified from our store. It may require 2 – 3 business days for verification and processing before the order is being prepared.

Currency and Exchange Rates for International Customers

All products are listed with prices in US Dollars (USD) for International customers. Depending on the selected payment method and processing bank, exchange rates prevailing at the time of payment transaction (not at the time of placing or shipping order) shall apply while converting from your local currency to USD.

Custom Duties

Custom or import duties or taxes may apply based on the product(s) you purchase and your country or state laws. The customer will be responsible for import duties or taxes on purchased products.

As required by customs authorities, your international order would state the value of your order, that is, the cumulative amount of all product prices (in USD) included in the order. You may be charged for custom fees or taxes according to the order value.

If your order is a gift to your beloved one, please mention it while placing the order so that it can be mentioned as a “Gift” on your international order. However, the company has the discretion not to declare it as a “Gift” anyway. Furthermore, your local customs have the authority to denounce it according to their policy.

For further details regarding customs fees or import duties and taxes, please contact your local customs office.