CD4013 D Type Flip Flop




  • CD4013 4013 CD4013BE CMOS Dual D-type D Flip Flop TI DIP-15
  • The CD4013 contains two D flip-flops. A D flip-flop stores a 1-bit value and only changes when it receives a clock signal.
  • Specifically, its output pin (Q) changes to whatever is on the input pin D (data) when the clock (CLK) pin goes from LOW to HIGH.
  • Pin Name Pin # Type Description
  • VDD 14 Power Supply Voltage (+3 to +15V)
  • GND 7 Power Ground (0V)
  • Q1, Q2 1, 13 Output Outputs from the two D Flip-Flops
  • Q1, Q2 2, 12 Output Inverted outputs from the two D Flip-Flops
  • CLK1, CLK2 3, 11 Input Clock input for the two D Flip-Flops (Rising Edge)
  • D1, D2 5, 9 Input D (data) input for the two D Flip-Flops
  • S1, S2 6, 8 Input Preset the Flip-Flop output to 1


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