Pencil Grips For Kids Handwriting (Pack of 02)

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  1. Soft pencil grip can help you to relieve pressure, at the same time lead you to write in a correct way.
  2. So it will keep you a good writing habit for a long time.
  3. Pencil Grip hollow design, Comfortable and breathable.
  4. Because of made from high-quality silicone, pencil grips is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.
  5. More beautiful color helps to increase children’s interests to write
  6. This pencil correction holder must be a good choice for you to send a gift to your children, friends or colleagues.
  7. Pencil gripper can be used by children, adults or the old with arthritis and hands tremor.
  8. With consistent use, it prevents your middle finger from cocooning and keep you a good writing habit for a long time.
  9. Material: Silicone Material
  10. Dimensions: Diameter 8mm hole
  11. Performance: Non-toxic and tasteless
  12. Soft: Moderate
  13. Ion: Silver ions
  14. Purpose: Hold a pen correction