L293d Motor Driver Module





This L293D Motor Driver/Servo Shield for Arduino is probably one of the most versatile on the market and features 2 servo and 4 motor connectors for DC or stepper motors. That makes it a great shield for any robotic project. This Arduino compatible motor Driver shield is a full-featured product that it can be used to drive 4 DC motor or two 4-wire steppers and two 5v servos. It drives the DC motor and stepper with the L293D, and it drives the servo with Arduino pin9 and pin10.

L293D Motor Driver Shield is versatile shield is designed to control a wide range of motors including DC motors, stepper motors, and servos.

The L293D is a dual-channel H-Bridge motor driver, capable of controlling two DC motors or a single stepper motor. With two such motor drivers included in the shield, you can control up to four DC motors or two stepper motors simultaneously. This makes it an ideal choice for building multi-motor robotic platforms.

The L293D Motor Driver Shield is not just about power, it’s also about precision. With the ability to control the speed and rotation direction of your motors, you can fine-tune the movements of your projects. Whether you’re building a two-wheeled robot or a computer-controlled moving sculpture, this shield gives you the control you need.

Easy to use with the Arduino Uno, this shield simplifies the process of connecting and controlling motors. So why wait? Start driving your creativity today with the L293D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino. It’s time to take your projects to the next level.