Cabinet and Drawer safety lock for Baby (pack of 02)

Original price was: ₨ 220.Current price is: ₨ 120.



  • With this simple and easy to use child safety lock, you can make sure that your kids do not play with drawers, doors, cabinets, etc and are unable to open them.
  • Kids like to handle drawers, doors, cabinets etc and when they do, then often hurt their hands and fingers.
  • The cloth belt connection makes the product better flexible, easily applicable to any place around the corner, and makes sure that there are no scratches on your furniture.
  • The Cute design, does not hamper the overall look and beauty of your furniture.Directions for use:1. Wipe the surface before installation. The surface should be dry and clean.
  • Plastic latches 100%/ Nylon Straps 100%
  • Join millions of parents and trust Skyla helping create the safe, fun and warm home that you and your family deserve
  • 8 multi-purpose cabinet locks that has a high grade. Flexible strap means you can bend around items from toilet seats to fridges
  • Quick for adults but a nightmare fr toddlers! Like you, we’re tired of cabinet locks that are strenuous for adults. And best thing is installation takes seconds!
  • Very Simple to Install
  • Super Effective
  • Kids cannot open Doors, Drawers, Cabinets
  • Can apply on Refrigerators / Fridge as well