100pcs Disposable Food Cover Plastic Wrap

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  • 100pcs Disposable Food Storage Cover Reusable Elastic Fresh Food Covers Fruit Bowls Caps Storage Kitchen Fresh Keeping Bag | Disposable Food Cover Reusable Food Cover | Food Covering Bag | Kitchen AccessoriesThe stretch size is 40cm, suitable for a variety of sizes, it can be very convenient. Cover and put away quickly. Perfect for any picnic or barbecue.
  • These reusable elastic covers are made of transparent food grade PE, which is safe to use and not easy to tear for durability.
  • The food cover after use can be directly rinsed with water and can be reused after drying, which is cost saving and environmentally friendly.
  • In addition to daily storage and dust prevention, the transparent food cover can also be used for outdoor parties or picnics to cover food for easy carrying.
  • Don’t let food go to waste at a big event, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Faster to use than traditional plastic wrap. Enjoy fresher leftovers for days.
  • Fresh-keeping bag*100
  • Material: food grade PE
  • Weight: 110g