If you are unable to reactivate your Amazon seller account, this post is for you; please read it thoroughly as we have a comprehensive solution for you. What should you do if your Amazon seller account has been restricted, suspended, or denied?

For many sellers, Amazon’s suspension represents a major threat to their revenue and reputation, and it may be quite distressing. If you’ve recently been knocked out, take a deep breath and let me explain how to reclaim your selling strategy.

What are your options?

This post explains how to safeguard your Amazon seller account and regain access to it, as well as what to put in your Plan of Action (POA). If you are unable to reactivate your Amazon seller account, you can contact us for assistance.

What is the difference between suspension and denied?


Because your account has been suspended, you can still file an appeal to get it reactivated. You’ll need to devise a strategy or Plan of action (POA) to overcome this.


Refused implies your appeal was denied, however you may still reactivate your denied Amazon seller account by submitting a new Plan of Action (POA).

Amazon suspension reasons:

  1. Drop-shipping Violation
  2. Amazon Health Targets / customer service score
    • Order defect rate: you’ve received lots of negative feedback < 1%
    • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: < 2.5%
    • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  1. Sale of a restricted product.
  2. Copyright Complain
  3. Expired Product Complain
  4. Inauthentic or Counterfeit item
  5. Verification documents
  6. Manipulation in documents or review
  7. No shipment after confirming orders


It’s time to take action to avoid having your account blocked. Only prevention is preferable to treatment. If Amazon sends you a political warning or your performance figures decline, repair it and notify Amazon of your actions.

How to Appeal a Suspension

Reactivate Amazon seller account

  • If, despite your best efforts, Amazon suspends your account, perform a comprehensive review of your whole account, paying special attention to any Amazon notifications.
  • You should carefully examine the suspension notification to identify which regulations you breached by visiting the Amazon Policies & Agreements page and analysing your Sales Center’s performance metrics.
  • Include the reasons for the suspension in your appeal.
  • Accept responsibility and recognise the harm done to the consumer.
  • Inform Amazon that you aim to offer excellent customer service and recognise that selling on their site is a responsibility.
  • To increase your chances of a successful appeal, your action plan must be thorough and based on the findings of your internal investigation.
  • It is a critical component of your messaging. Keep in mind that if the amazon wants further information, your appeal will be delayed, and time is money.
  • Your action plan should contain reasons why customers complained about the quality of your items as well as remedies to ensure that this does not happen again.
  • For example, if your delivery has been suspended, you might signal that you are moving to Fulfillment by Amazon to fix the problem.
  • Submit your Plan of Action by tapping on reactivate your account

Tips for Creating an Effective Plan of Action:

  1. Amazon wants three things in your POA, Root causes of your suspension, Corrective measures to avoid this issue and last one is the future measures to avoid this type of violation in future.
  2. Be professional and don’t criticise Amazon’s processes or sluggish staff or express your frustration and apologies for losing your account.
  3. Keep things simple and clarify the facts. Concentrate on policy concerns rather than performance metrics.
  4. Instead of paragraphs, use bullets or statistics to illustrate your comprehension of what went wrong and the measures you took to avoid it in future.
  5. Include a brief beginning paragraph that rapidly demonstrates to the reader your overall comprehension of what occurred and how you handled the situation.
  6. Include no unnecessary data or remarks on Amazon or the account verification procedure. Concentrate on detailed details about your corrections.
  7. If you receive a rule violation warning, don’t blame the purchasers. Assume the complaint must have a valid basis and proceed in the other way.
  8. Make certain that the action plan details all of the factors that contributed to the suspension.

If you’ve been suspended, given a successful POA, and then restored, learn from the experience and take precautions to avoid it happening again.

Maintaining Amazon’s high standards and adhering to the regulations will keep you selling in the marketplace while also creating a great customer experience that benefits everyone.

Always follow Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct

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