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  • Trackr Bravo Multipurpose Mini Tracker


    TrackR is used for short-range trackings like in room and car.

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    Sw-420 vibration sensor Closed type vibration sensor Operates on 3.3 – 5V 0 and 1 digital switching output Using LM393 comparator Power direction not reversable

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  • Thermistor-module-red


    KY-028 digital thermistor temperature sensor module 15 mA driving ability Good waveform 3-5V working voltage Digital switching 0/1 output format Hole on module for easy installation using LM393 voltage comparator

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    Ky-038 sound sensor module Sound detection module LM393 sound sensor module Operates on 3.3 – 5V Its output is digital. Only single channel output Whenever sound detected then light will blink

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  • Rotatory-Encorder-module


    Ky 040 rotary encoder sensor module Ky 040 Its incremental type of encoder 20 cycle per revolution 0-5V working voltage It’s made of PCB and Brass 360-degree rotary encoder

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    Piezo transducer Piezo disk buzzer 27 mm outer plate thickness 50 mm lead length Made of Brass It works on 4.6 KHz 300 Ohm maximum resonant impedance 20 nF capacitance

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  • Photo-sensor-LED


    Photo sensor LED 2 pins LED operate on 3-5V

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  • PC817-optocoupler


    ·         standard optocoupler ·         1.2V forward voltage ·         50 mA forward current ·         It can isolate two circuits

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    MQ8 hydrogen gas sensor It operates on 5V It detects hydrogen gas concentration in air It resistive to LPG, smoke, and alcohol Less than 800 mW heater power consumption Detection range is 100 to 1000 ppm

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