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  • Relay-5v-2-channel


    2 channel relay modules Two channel relay modules 5V two channel relay module Driver current of 15-20 mA It is equipped with a high current relay, AC250V 10A, and DC30V 10A Easily interfaced with Arduino and microcontrollers LEDs on module for output indication

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  • Aurdino-4-channel-relay


    4 channel relay modules Four channel relay modules 5V board TTL level control signals 10A/250 vAC, 10A/125vAC, 10A/300DC and 10A/28vDC rated load 10A normally open and 5A normally close current rating 10 msec contact action time 250vDC, 30 vDC largest switching voltage

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  • 5v-single-channel-relay


    1 channel relay module Single channel relay module 5V relay module 1A relay module Compatible with arduino Used for 1 device

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  • 5v-8-channel-relay


    8 channel relay modules 5V relay module relay output Communication up to 250 to 10 The use of high-current relay, AC250V 10A DC30V 10A Default 5V relay Easy to connect RF / Bluetooth wireless interface supports XBee, nRFL2401, CC1101 wireless module. External power supply up to 10A Standard Arduino 5V power supply.

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  • 12v-5-pin-relay


    5 pin 12 VDC coil relay Coil voltage 12V 10A current capacity Used for on off circuit 30mA coil current Normally open and normally close connections

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