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  • Tower-pro-SG-90-180-degree-servo-motor


    SG90 servo motor Works on analog modulation. Its speed at 4.8V is 0.10 sec/600 3 pole motor type Nylon plastic type Gear 9g weight 1o microsecond Dead Band width.

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  • Propeller For Small Motor


    propeller smal fan for DC motor. Available in different colors. Can be used for toys and small projects.

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  • Robotic-wheel


    Wheel for robotics smart car Used with 3-8V DC gear motor 68mm diameter 26mm width 3 x 3.66 mm center hole 50g weight

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  • 4wd-smart-robot-car-chasis-kit-for-arduino


    4-wheel robotic car chassis kit 3-6V DC operating voltage 5 cm car size Made of acrylic material 6cm wheel diameter 3mm board thickness 25cm board length 8cm board width 448g weight Used for smart car design

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  • dc-motor


    3V DC motor 34A maximum No load current 16,400 rpm ±15% speed at no load 8 rated load 07A maximum rated load current. 13,100 rpm ±12% speed at rated load 25 mm length excluding shaft 20 mm diameter 1 mm width across flats 4 mm shaft length 2 mm shaft diameter 17 g approx. …

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