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  • White-buzzer-12v-24v


    3V to 24V electronic buzzer 2 mounting holes Used with arduino circuits 12V rated voltages. 20 mA rated current. Minimum sound output at 10cm is 95 dB Resonant frequency is 3100 ±500

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  • 3V_To_12V_Piezo_Active_Buzzer


    Super loud 5V active Alarm Buzzer Beeper 3-12V operating voltage 30 mA rated current Minimum sound output at 10cm is 85 dB 2300 ±300 Hz

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  • 4-ohm-3-watt-speaker


    4-ohm 3-watt speaker Made of metal, magnet, and plastic Internal magnetic circuit type Full range frequency characteristics 3W rated power 4-ohm normal impedance Its tone is delicate and neutral Full frequency Good quality Powerful sound Used for audio circuits, FM circuits

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