Payment issues for freelancers

So, you pursued your career as a freelancer. You start getting task, projects and assignment. You are giving your best time and quality to that work. Is that all you need? We all need best return for or quality work done as an output. Some new entrants face payment issue when work through some freelancing platform. These platforms include sites like freelancers, Upwork and fiver. After the submission of task account holder have to bear delay of 14 days in payment. The service providers have to pay 20% project fee to Upwork and fiver while 10% on site.

Also, the freelancer has private international clients sometimes.  Generally, the payment is transferred through PayPal but unfortunately PayPal is non-operative in Pakistan and some other countries as well, also PayPal have more fee, workers in freelance market are worried about it. But, you don’t need to panic and leave working as a freelancer just because of payment issue. Instead, you must find alternative way to get your payment directly in your account within no time.

According to experienced freelancers, they used all options for last 2 years and they are working successfully and even pay rate is more than PayPal. These options are payoneer (which little bit complex).

The best options to use preferably:

  • Transfer wise appWise
  • World Remit AppWorld Remit
  • Western Union App
  • Payoneer
  • MoneyGram

These Apps are useful and recommended for all freelancers working in Pakistan and all over the world. Among all other Apps transfer wise and world Remit app are the best option from which you got payment in few minutes. You just have to submit IBAN number, Swift code, your name, country and email to get started.

Also, the currency conversion rate and time to send money is also faster. Transfer wise have around 8 million users and have different currency options as well.

According to different surveys between transfer wise and world remit both have equally rated money transfer options, both have different currencies to select while both have different pros and cons as well.

Let’s discuss few of them.

  • Fifty nine (59) countries can allowed to send money through tranfer wise while 60 countries can receive money into their bank account. while with world remit fourty four (44) countries can send money to over 130 different contries.
  • transfer wise can only send money to bank account while world remit have different options like bank account, mobile wallets and pickup points.
  • Fee to send money depends on the currency transfers and payout method for both, transfer wise fee is (0.6 – 1)% of the sending amount while for world remit (3.99 – 24)$ per 1000 USD.
  • Transfer wise can support 20 different currencies internationally while world remit 100.
  • Both transfer wise and world remit have different recharge/funding option.
  • Both of them have transfer time of between 5-20 minutes.
  • Both Transfer wise and world remit have equally reviewed 4.6/5.
  • Transfer wise customer support is faster and better than world remit.

In short WorldRemit covered wider area and its flexibility is more for receiving money in bank and other outlets while transfer wise is cheapest. Install transfer wise and world remit today and start send and receive money.