What if you don’t have any proper or eligible educational degree to freelance?

You don’t need to worry about what you studied before or continue to study for now. There is a lot in the freelance market to learn and earn. Many platforms are providing open opportunities to learn skills through short courses, tutorials and professional guides. So, what matters is how to make a start in a freelancing career if you are a degree or non-degree holder.

How to start a freelancing Career with no eligible degree?

It would be best to have a proper and stable business plan and setup before thinking about making money or work. It is required to learn self-marketing and the nature of business. It will help you to understand what and why you are freelancing and how to get the right clients.

Here, some key points to understand and implement to assure yourself as a successful freelancer.

  • Create personal branding

Building yourself as a brand is a priority while taking the initiative in business. It will make your business look more authentic and will gain long-term clients. You should set your objectives, services and goals and hand them over to an agency to create a personal branding of you.  It also consists of a business or brand name with a decent logo because a name is a thing that attracts the market and promotes business.

The social media account is also a reflection of your branding. Like, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are great platforms to connect with potential clients by sharing portfolios. You can make a valuable connection with a community of professional freelancers by publishing your CV on LinkedIn. You can join groups of freelancing and business for related work on Facebook. At the same time, Instagram is also a better platform to promote and share brand portfolios.

These platforms provide you to create a network with professionals and clients to do local work or attend business events. But, do you think why it is important to build personal branding? A reliable work requires organic freelancers after a lot of patience and hard work. Personal branding makes freelancing professional, authentic and clean to clients.

  • Create a Portfolio

A portfolio contains the type of services you offer as a freelancer, whether web development, animation or content writing. No client would trust you to give a chance to work without a portfolio. It builds a value of your work and skills on a client. It explains the actions and image of your skills and abilities as a freelancer.


The work at freelancing is valuable because it provides multiple working opportunities other than just article or content writing. There is a range of skills a freelancer can offer in the market by learning through short course, manuals, and tutorials.

  • Self-Marketing and Business

Initially, when you step into the freelancing market, you majorly go in looking for a job, self-marketing, and building profiles. Until people start noticing you and your skills. You work for them till you create an image through your services. Do you think it’s easy to market your skills? It costs a lot of time in contacting clients and building gigs for every service you offer. A profile or gig must portray your abilities on job sites of freelancing. After you work in the freelancing market, you’ll connect with clients who post projects and jobs. And you reach your goal eventually.

You can create appealing profiles on freelancing websites like:

Are you still thinking? Why don’t you come and join communities and events related to freelancing? This will create a circle of freelancer friends and colleagues. It also opens ways to learn about getting clients and strategies. It will provide opportunities for getting work from a circle that are unable to complete projects on their own.