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We all know that there are seven different continents in which there are inhabit living populate in six continents. The world is on the way to increasing resilience. In response to changing landscape the working ability to adapt to new work and technologies quickly.  As we realize that the world is digitalizing, the working conduct of the clients likewise changes that making it fundamental for the organizations to go online to get to more clients and increment their visibility in the market. Almost all countries in the world doing freelancing and looking for a freelancer to hire for their projects daily.

But do we know what could be the best time to stay online? So, we can get more clients and work without delay.

There is a need to consider the best time to stay online for freelancing on our hot seat to check different projects posted by a client and start the discussion to get a deal done and start working.

There is an inhabitant in Asia, Australia, North America, South America, North Africa, and South Africa. All of them have time differences with other continents countries. So, how we should know which time is best for a freelancer to work.

As is mentioned in our previous blog https://www.timeanddate.com/time/difference/pakistan/Islamabad

that freelance provides a platform to work from home without any restriction of time and place. People who get irritated working on 9 to 5 (8 hours) jobs and start freelancing, which is free from any restriction, stress and can work anytime when free but still there must be a specific time when most of the clients from different countries are free and post their projects on freelancing platform and social media.

So, let’s start searching for which time is best for freelancers to work.

Comparison of Asia with other Asian countries:

As I am working as a freelancer from Pakistan and there is a time difference with other Asian countries like India 30 minutes, Bangladesh 60 minutes, Japan 4 hours. The time difference is mostly manageable if you want to work with Asian clients from Pakistan, while most Asian countries (20 countries) have a time difference of “+3 hours”. But we all know most of the clients are from the United States, CANADA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and other European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Netherland, Russia). So, do you ever take a closer look at the time difference between these countries? No? You don’t need to worry.  We are here to guide you in a proper time slot to work efficiently on the online platform.

The maximum time difference is with “Baker Island” a country in the USA that is “-17 hours behind then Pakistan”. In most of the countries in the USA, CANADA (47 countries) has a “-10 hours” time difference from Pakistan. Most of the countries are the United States, CANADA, Brazil, and West Indies. “+6 hours difference and most of them (16 countries) have “+4 hours” difference. While in the UK and ASIAN countries (56 countries) have “-4 hours” difference with Pakistan.

Total 436 countries’ data are given in the table.

Let’s, summarize and conclude the best timing for a freelancer to work and earn more.

Countries/Continent/Cities Time Difference Countries/Continent Time Difference
Indian cities +0.30 hour Australian (8 cities) +5 hours
Bangladesh, Nepal, and other SAARC countries +1 hour Australian (10 cities) +6 hours
Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand (14 cities) +2 hours Russian, Australian, and USA (9 cities) +7 hours
China, Perth, Hong Kong, Malaysia (21 cities) +3 hours New Zealand and other (6 cities) +8 hours
Japan (18 cities) +4 hours Kiribati (Australian) +9 hours
Kabul (Afghanistan) -0:30 hours UAE, Seychelles, Mauritius, Azerbaijan (11 cities), Oman -1 hours
Turkey, Iraq, Uganda, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Moscow, Nairobi, Qatar (29 cities) -2 hours Harare, Finland, Jordan, South Africa, Lebanon, EGYPT, Damascus, Jerusalem (39 cities) -3 hours
France, Netherland, ITALY, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Hungry, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Norway (56 UK/European countries/cities) -4 hours Ghana, Portugal, London, Cardiff, Mali, Ireland, Freetown (27 cities/countries) -5 hours
Portugal, Greenland (3 cities) -6 hours South Georgia (UK) -7 hours
Paraguay, Chile, Greenland, Brazil, Argentina, UK (19 cities/countries) -8 hours CANADA, BERMUDA, USA, Caribbean, Venezuela, Brazil, France -9 hours
Panama, CUBA, USA, CANADA, Ecuador, Jamaica, Brazil (47 countries) -10 hours Mexico, USA, CANADA, Ecuador (40 cities/countries) -11 hours
Mexico, USA, CANADA (15 cities/countries) -12 hours Mexico, CANADA, USA (13 cities/countries) -13 hours
USA ((4 cities/countries) -14 hours France, USA ((4 cities/countries) -15 hours
USA (2 cities/Countries) -16 hours Baker Island (USA) -17 hours


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